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Turn routine into ritual

Unmatched fragrance for your fabrics.

Turn the mundane task of laundry into a delightful experience, enhancing your clothes with long-lasting, exquisite fragrances.

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Long lasting


No more stains

or blockages

Extensive range

of 9 scents


Smell the difference

Designed for those who seek more than just cleanliness, Lavayette offers an upscale twist to everyday fabric care, ensuring your garments are not only spotless but also provide a wonderful aromatic indulgence with every wash.

fabric softener

fabric softener

Often contains harmful preservatives

Can cause allergies and attack the fibres of clothing

Leaves residue that leaves unpleasant odour

Cause loss of elasticity of clothing

Laundry perfume

Laundry perfume

Longer lasting

Paraben & nickel


Leaves clothes smelling fresh

Retains clothing’s natural properties

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4 simple steps to sensational scents

4 simple steps

to sensational scents

White outline of a bottle on a black background.

Measure your personal dose of washing perfume. For a large load (4-8 kilograms), 10 ml is sufficient for a refreshing fragrance experience.

Icon of a water drop above a filled laundry basin with number 2.

Pour the washing perfume into the fabric softener drawer of the washing machine before starting the washing program.

Stylized icon of a washing machine with the number 3 above it.

Close the machine, start the program and let Lavayette surround the laundry with a wonderful scent.

Icon of a person with arms raised surrounded by stars, all in white on a black background, with the number 4.

Remove your clothes from the machine and enjoy the long-lasting freshness that Lavayette adds.

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“Delicious scent when hanging up and taking out your clean laundry!

It already smells wonderful when I hang up the laundry to dry. But even if the clothes have been in the closet for a week and you take them out, they still smell just as lovely! And without the scent being very present or overpowering.”

Ingrid v. D

Verified Buyer

“After trying out the sample bottles first, I've now bought the very best! What a delightful scent, I've received many compliments already: 'you smell so good' (referring to my clothes) or 'your house smells lovely' (when there's fresh laundry hanging upstairs). In short, highly recommended!”

Mieke v.d. P

Verified Buyer

What’s included

Explore our exclusive scent selection

The 9x 25ml bottles included in your trial package.

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Why not also try

The perfect pairings for an even better wash

Maximise your laundry’s freshness and efficiency.

A package of Tumble and Dryer Balls with four wool balls on a white background.

Dryer balls

Is your laundry often still damp when it comes out of the dryer?

Thanks to these sustainable laundry balls, your laundry dries up to 42% faster and you also save on your energy bill.

Add a touch of our laundry perfume to the dryer balls for enhanced aromatics.

Less wrinkles, easier ironing

100% New Zealand wool

Seeds embedded plantable paper with a green box.

laundry detergent sheets

Our detergent sheets remove even the most stubborn stains without any effort.

The sheets are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic to prevent discolouration of clothing and are free of scent so are ideal to combine with our laundry perfume.

50 strips for

100 washes


30 loads of laundry

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  • Nine labeled perfume bottles in a row on a white background.
  • Assorted bottles of premium laundry perfume with different scents and a 'TRY & SHARE' badge overlay.
  • Black packaging box for 'LAVAYETTE Premium Laundry Perfume Testcase' with colorful stripes and text 'Our 9 scents.'
  • Nine bottles of assorted Lafayette perfumes with a 'Try & Share' badge.
  • A collection of nine labeled fragrance bottles in a row with promotional text above.

Washing Perfume Trial Package (9x 25ml)


This sample pack contains 9 uniquely composed perfumes. This allows you to enjoy wonderfully scented laundry for weeks.

Choose your bundle

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ruikt goed voor mij maar ieder heeft daar zijn eigen mening over.

Laila Abdelmoula

Lekkere geurtjes!

Ria Bouten

Heerlijke geur

Bianca V Engeland

Vindt het hrel erg tegen vallen,geur blijft echt niet lang hangen, dacht probeer keer iets anders maar hou t toch bij wasparfum

Anneke Miedema


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