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Lavayette laundry perfume sample pack: 9 delicious floral scents

Who doesn't want wonderfully scented laundry? Body odors or a pet in the house can make the laundry smell less pleasant. With Lavayette washing perfume this problem is now over. You can easily request a sample package so that you can discover your favorite scent.

Make your house smell wonderful with one of the 9 laundry scents from this package. The best floral scents provide a fresh scent in your wardrobe as the scent lingers on your laundry for a long time. But which detergent scent from the Lavayette sample pack smells best? 

What is the difference between fabric softener and laundry perfume?

Many households use fabric softener, a wonderful scent that you can add to the laundry so that the freshly washed laundry smells nice. However, there is a disadvantage to fabric softener, the smell smells wonderful as soon as you take the bedding or clothing out of the washing machine, but it quickly disappears as soon as the laundry is put in the linen cupboard. This disadvantage is also the big difference with washing perfume. The pleasant scent remains on the laundry for a long time due to the added perfume, so that the linen cupboard and your clothes can enjoy a long-lasting scent.

How long does the Lavayette sample pack last?

The laundry perfume sample pack Lavayette contains several laundry perfumes with a wonderful floral scent, how strong you want your laundry to smell is personal. Some people like a light scent, while others want to smell the laundry scent all day long.

One milliliter per kilogram of laundry is enough to scent your clothes. Assuming you wear a new item of clothing every day, this amount is sufficient. If you want a stronger scent for your laundry because you want your bedding to smell a little stronger, you can add several drops.

What is the nicest scent?

Can you also enjoy spring so much? Then bring spring into your home with this test package, this test package contains 9 wonderful floral scents that will make your home smell wonderful. You can find the following blooming floral scents in this test package for your laundry:

  • Praire Rose with the scent of English Rose
  • Morning Dance with the scent of Early Spring
  • Dark Nights with the scent of Lily of the Valley
  • Jamin Shades with the scent of Fresh Jasmin
  • Double Fun with the scent of Pansy
  • Zen Zones with the scent of White Musk
  • Heart of Gold with the scent of Argan
  • Floating Fontaine with the scent of Lotus Flower
  • Lazy Lavender with scent of Lavender

But what is the nicest scent? A scent is very personal. Some people love a rose scent, others fall asleep with bed linen that smells like lavender. One thing is certain whether it is White Musk, Lotus Flower, Jasmine or a violet scent, there is always one with a wonderful scent. That is why it is best to try out the high fragrance concentration, so that it is clear what your favorite laundry scent is.

What is your favorite laundry scent from the Lavayette laundry perfume sample pack?