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Lavayette premium washing perfume Heart Of Gold 500ml

Contents: 500ml
Free from parabens and nickel
Use: Up to 60 washes with one bottle

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Argan gets its name from the Arabian Argan tree. With North African mysterious herbs and extracts, this creates a hammam-like scent. Sumptuous , licorice and delicate, with  'scent notes' of myrrh . True  so depth .
With the smell of  Lavayette's No.3 Wash Perfume Heart of Gold one will come naturally  'Oasis' of peace over you. With your eyes closed you imagine yourself in the Middle East. Thinking about  'Nomad Stories' automatically appears as a ' 1001 Nights Fantasy' . Lavayette's No.3 washing perfume Heart of Gold is a mix

of various scents that together provide a deep scent of Argan. Lavayette's scents are 'full of character' and therefore have a long lasting effect. More  ' pleasure of smell'.

The smell is  'heart-warming' and full of peace because you are 'embraced' by your own  'Heart of Gold'. We hope you like it a lot  'olfactory pleasure' from Lavayette's No.3 Heart of Gold . Shouldn't the smell  If it suits you 100% , then we have 8 other 'scent choices'. In this way we contribute to your portion of 'daily fragrance pleasure' .

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  • Weight: 500 g
  • Product Type: Unknown Type
  • Brand: Lavayette

Heart of Gold enchants with a lush, licorice-like and delicate Argan scent, enriched with North African herbs and mysterious extracts for a hammam-like experience. Infused with myrrh notes, this fragrance offers a deep journey to the Middle East.

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Sophia M.

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Livia V.

Sophia M.

Livia V.

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Livia V.

Sophia M.

Livia V.

Michelle D.

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Livia V.

“There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent.”

Marilyn Monroe


  • Dosage : Measure your personal dose of washing perfume. For a large load (4-8 kilograms), 10 ml is sufficient for a refreshing fragrance experience.
  • Add the washing perfume to the wash : Pour the washing perfume into the fabric softener drawer of the washing machine before starting the washing program.
  • Start the Washing Machine : Close the machine, start the program and let Lavayette surround the laundry with a wonderful scent.
  • Enjoy the Freshness : Remove your clothes from the machine and enjoy the long-lasting freshness that Lavayette adds.

Did you know

Traditional fabric softeners are not the best choice for your clothes, washing machine, and even your health.

They often contain harmful preservatives that can cause allergies and attack the fibers of clothing, reducing their absorbent properties.

In addition, they leave residue that can cause unpleasant odors.

In contrast, our laundry perfume formula is paraben and nickel free, INFRA certified and offers a wonderful scent without compromise.

Belangrijkste kenmerken


Long Lasting Fragrances
Maintain the freshness of your laundry

No more stains or blockages
Extend the life of your clothes and washing machine


An extensive selection of scents
Adjust the scent of your laundry to your mood


Use it in both machine and hand wash

Bundle Package

Efficient, Easy, Affordable - The Ultimate Laundry Deal!

Lavayette Trial Pack + Wax Strips

Discover the ultimate washing experience! Combine the seductive scents of our laundry perfume sample pack with the lasting power of laundry strips - all in one affordable bundle.



General questions

Laundry perfume is a concentrated liquid that has been specifically developed to give clothing and other textiles a long-lasting and pleasant scent during washing.

Unlike regular fabric softeners, which are primarily intended to soften clothes, laundry perfume adds a subtle, long-lasting scent to the laundry.

Certainly! Our laundry perfume is safe and suitable for all types of laundry, both machine wash and hand wash.

It is designed to be effective on a variety of fabrics and materials, allowing you to add a long-lasting and pleasant scent to all your clothes and textiles.

Simply follow the recommended dosage and usage instructions on the package for best results.

For an optimal scent experience, we recommend using 10 ml of washing perfume per wash.

This dosage is specifically tailored to our formula and ensures a pleasant and long-lasting scent on your clothes.

It is advisable to follow the recommended dosage for best results.

To effectively combine washing perfume and detergent, first add the recommended amount of detergent to the appropriate container in the washing machine.

Then add 10ml of laundry perfume to the fabric softener compartment. After adding both products, start the wash as you normally would, choosing the desired wash program and recommended temperature.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Na een jarenlangere zoektocht, heb ik eindelijk de geur gevonden die bij ons past. Ik heb eerst een proefpakket besteld en de geur Heart of gold sprong meteen uit. 10ml Heart of gold in deze profpakket was meer dan genoeg . De geur omringde het hele huis. En kon dagenlang mee genieten, daarna meteen 2 flessen van 500 ml besteld, de geur was helemaal niet meer sterk genoeg, je kan van zo één fles 60 wassen draaien. Mijn 2 flessen zijn op na 45 wasbeurten, je moet veel meer in doen dan 10 ml geur uit de proefpakket om aan de zelfde sterkte geur te komen en dan na het drogen van de was ruikt je helemaal niks meer, wat ik heel erg vind. Voor ons geen lavayette meer helaas… Dus verder blijven zoeken naar de wasparfum die bij ons past en die beloofd wat die doet…

Ellis Hoogboom

Een heerlijke geur die lang blijft hangen. Zelfs de buurvrouw geniet van de geur als ik de was buiten heb hangen!

Astrid Oosterbaan
Heerlijke geur !

Ik ben fan , alleen dat flesje lekt als een malle. Hoe voorzichtig ik het ook gebruik je blijft een plakkerige fles houden . Jammer .
En de dosering vind ik verwarrend, ene keer is 10 ml voor een volle trommel genoeg een een andere keer is de geur bij 10 ml heel vaag.
Zal aan de stofeigenschappen liggen waarschijnlijk.
Bij beddengoed gebruik ik 20 ml.

Silke Joana Forster
Wunderbarer Duft!

Superschneller Versand! Wunderbarer & langanhaltender Duft, selbst nach Wäschetrockner!

Alice van den Bogert
Heerlijk ruikende was

Blijft lang lekker ruiken