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The disadvantages of fabric softener

De nadelen van wasverzachter
De nadelen van wasverzachter

Most of us use detergent and fabric softener to keep our clothes clean and fresh. But sometimes we have to wash more often than we want. Now there is an alternative: washing perfume. The latest washing perfumes are now free of parabens and nickel and are also INFRA certified. But what is better: laundry perfume or fabric softener? Let's look at the disadvantages of fabric softener compared to laundry perfume, so that you too can make the right decision next time.

Harmful chemicals in fabric softener

The biggest disadvantage of fabric softener is simply that it contains harmful chemicals. These can affect the fibers of your clothing and cause the fabric to absorb moisture less well. These chemicals soften the fibers, but can seriously affect the quality of your clothing in the long term. The fibers also lose their original structure. This is very annoying with towels, for example, because they dry less well.

Residue and unpleasant odors due to fabric softener

Another problem with fabric softener is that it leaves residue on both your clothes and in the washing machine. These leftovers accumulate quickly and unpleasant odors can arise. Not only in the machine, but also in your clothes. It can even stain, making your clothes look and feel less clean. This is a disadvantage compared to laundry perfume, which is made to make your laundry smell nice without all these problems.

Skin allergies and irritations due to fabric softener

A third disadvantage of fabric softener is that it contains strong chemicals that can cause skin allergies and irritations. This is especially a risk for people with sensitive skin, because these chemicals come into direct contact with their skin through clothing washed with them. What kind of allergic reactions can occur? Think of annoying itching and rash to serious allergic reactions. So consider carefully whether the benefits of fabric softener are worth the risk of these types of skin problems. Think twice when washing baby clothes!

Damage to machines due to detergent and fabric softener

Fabric softener can not only be bad for your clothes and skin, but also for your washing machine. It leaves residues in the machine, which can lead to "greasy lice", an accumulation of residue and grease. This can cause bad odors, but it also affects the efficiency of your washing machine. This will mean that your washing machine will not last as long, meaning that you will need expensive repairs or replacement sooner.

Fragrance intensity and durability

Although fabric softener makes the laundry smell nice when it first comes out of the machine, this smell often disappears quickly. This means that clothes and bedding washed with fabric softener will not stay fresh for long, especially if they have been in the closet for a while. This is a disadvantage compared to washing perfume. How so? Laundry perfume is known for its long-lasting and strong scents that linger on your clothes and bedding for days.

Less absorption

Another practical problem with fabric softener is that it can cause certain materials, such as towels, to absorb moisture less well. That's annoying, because towels are intended to absorb water. If the fibers of the towels become coated with the chemicals from the fabric softener, they become less absorbent and therefore no longer work as well. Fabric softener is actually very popular because it makes clothes softer and makes them smell nice, but it also has quite a few disadvantages. Maybe it would be a good idea to try laundry perfume!

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