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Why use a laundry scent regularly?

Waarom regelmatig een wasgeurtje gebruiken?
Waarom regelmatig een wasgeurtje gebruiken?

Nothing is more wonderful than stepping into a clean, freshly made bed in the evening or slipping into your comfortable, freshly washed pajamas. However, the wonderful, refreshing scent of freshly washed clothes and bedding often disappears quickly or is barely noticeable. That is why you can use our laundry scents. But did you know that traditional fabric softeners are not the best choice for your clothes, washing machine, and even your health?

They often contain harmful preservatives that can cause allergies and attack the fibers of clothing, reducing their absorbent properties. In addition, they leave residue that can cause unpleasant odors.

Lavayette laundry scents: sustainable and environmentally conscious

In contrast, our Lavayette Laundry Perfume formula is paraben and nickel free, INFRA certified and offers a wonderful scent without compromising on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Lavayette not only provides a long-lasting fresh scent to your laundry, but also contributes to a healthier living environment, without compromising on performance.

What are laundry odors?

Laundry fragrances are aromatic additives that you can add to your laundry while washing. By adding a few drops of this scent to your laundry in the washing machine, your laundry will keep smelling fresh for a long time and feel wonderfully soft. You can also use this laundry perfume for hand washing, for example for a small load of laundry or for treating specific items of clothing with stains.

Why use laundry scents?

Laundry perfume ensures that your clothes still smell wonderfully fresh, even after washing. The smell of your detergent often dissipates quickly, which can tempt you to quickly throw your clothes back in the washing machine. However, with washing perfume this is not necessary! Your clothes retain their wonderful freshness. There are different scents available, so you can alternate and always choose a different one to suit your preference.

The light, fresh scents of Lavayette

If you love the scent of spring, 'Morning Dance' is an excellent choice, with a fresh, spring-like scent. 'Floating Fontaine' offers subtle freshness and slightly sweet notes with a hint of Lotus, while 'Double Fun' has a lovely, floral scent. 'Prairie Rose' offers a rose scent that is refreshing, and 'Lazy Lavender' is perfect for a soothing experience with the scent of lavender.

The sultry and heavier scents of Lavayette

Layette also has heavier and sultry scents. 'Zen Zones' combines light fruity notes with white musk, while 'Dark Nights' offers a blend of scents with the wonderful scent of Lily of the Valley. 'Jasmin Shades' offers a balanced scent with a hint of citrus, and 'Heart of Gold' takes you to the spa with a hammam-like scent with licorice. Which scent do you choose? Enrich your washing experience, try our premium washing perfume sample pack and discover the Lavayette range. 

How do the laundry scents work?

A long-lasting fresh scent for your laundry starts with the correct dosage and application of Lavayette laundry scents. Follow these simple steps for an optimal fragrance experience:

  1. Customized dosage:
    • Measure out your personal dose of washing perfume.
    • For a large load (4-8 kilograms), 10 ml is sufficient for a refreshing fragrance experience.
  1. Add to the wash:
    • Pour the measured washing perfume into the fabric softener drawer of the washing machine.
    • Do this before starting the washing program.
  1. Start the washing machine:
    • Close the machine.
    • Start the program and let Lavayette envelop the laundry with a wonderful scent.
  1. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness:
    • Remove your clothes from the machine.
    • Enjoy the long-lasting freshness that Lavayette adds to your laundry.

With Lavayette, every wash day becomes a fragrant and refreshing experience. Follow these simple steps and let the wonderful scents envelop your laundry with a touch of luxury and long-lasting freshness.